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We appreciate your interest in the INbreast database.

The INbreast database is a mammographic database, with images acquired at a Breast Centre, located in a University Hospital (Hospital de São João, Breast Centre, Porto, Portugal). INbreast has a total of 115 cases (410 images) of which 90 cases are from women with both breasts (4 images per case) and 25 cases are from mastectomy patients (2 images per case). Several types of lesions (masses, calcifications, asymmetries, and distortions) are included. Accurate contours made by specialists are also provided in XML format.
The INbreast database has been created through the investment of significant time and effort, and we are committed to the promotion of the INbreast Database as a valuable, special and unique asset of our Research Group.
Please email if you are interested in using the INbreast Database.