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Definitive Programme

TSIO: Turning Subjective Into Objective

Past, present and future of cosmetic evaluation of breast cancer local treatment


09.00: Official opening – Direction of Champalimaud Foundation

09.15: Introduction and Seminar Objectives Maria João Cardoso, Jaime S. Cardoso

09.30: Past          Chair: Conny Vrieling

09.30: Review of subjective methods - Conny Vrieling

10.00: Review of objective methods - Maria João Cardoso

10.30: The idea behind the BCCT.core - Jaime S. Cardoso

11.00: Break

11.30: Present          Chair: Douglas Macmillan

11.30: Aesthetics in BCT: Do Objectively Measured Results Match Patients' Evaluations? - Jörg Heil

11.50: The TARGIT Trial - Mo Keshtgar

12.10: The Australian experience: St George and Wollongong randomized trial - Eric Hau

12.30: The AREMA (aesthetic reconstruction mammaplasties) - Maria João Cardoso

12.50: Report of UK audit on 5000 reconstructions – 18 month patient-reported outcomes - Dick Rainsbury

13.30: LUNCH

14:30: Semantic PACS presentation

15.10: Abstract presentation          Chair: Dick Rainsbury

15.30: Future          Chair: Jaime S. Cardoso

15.30: The prediction project - Susy Costa

15.50: The inclusion of side views in objective aesthetic evaluation - Hélder Oliveira

16.10: 3D modelling for surgical planning and outcome evaluation - Paolo Patete

16.30: Future research in objective evaluation of aesthetic results: Means and pathways - Douglas Macmillan

17.00: Recommendations on aesthetic evaluation of breast cancer local treatment

Panel: Conny Vrieling, Dick Rainsbury, Douglas Macmillan, Jaime S. Cardoso, Maria João Cardoso

18.00: Closing remarks – Maria João Cardoso, Jaime S. Cardoso

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